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We Bought a VFW

I'm Gus. I've become pretty famous after my dad and his friend bought me a huge playground called Patch Brewing Co.

The Jungle Was Everywhere

The first time we stopped at the property, if felt like we had just discovered an ancient lost temple. Trees were growing everywhere and the grass was so tall that I had to jump just to see. The jungle was everywhere and my dad had to pick me up because the thorns were so bad.


I forgot to mention... It was wet everywhere. Dad said something about there being too much clay and not enough slope. They had to do a bunch of stuff to make it better.

Here’s how we did it:

  1. Dug big trenches

  2. Added big rocks and scary black tubes

  3. Dug big swimming holes for me to swim

  4. Put more scary black tubes by the pavilion

  5. Cleared out the sharp thorns and dug a hole



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